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The A Team 6 Anaheim based heroes all starting with A - freakboy Six Flags 6 flagwearing heroes - Death Tribble The Cool Crusaders 5 Winter based heroes - Nothere team New Orleans 6 heroes based there - Badger Seven Ups based in Florida and have a connection to 7 - csyphrett Supporter s of the Rock Band 6 they help team - Bolo of Earth Grocery Greens 6 Vegetable themed heroes - csyphrett The Sins of the Father 6 descendents of supervillains - freakboy The Able 8 8 heroes with disabilities - freakboy The Freys 5 family hero group killed in Detroit, Eagles connection - csyphrett USA 5 ex cops not Federal agents - death Tribble Compass Roses a direction and a flower 4 - freakboy The Three Graces 3 women with different powers - Death Tribble Cloud Base 9 5 rangers who work for UNTIL - csyphrett XLR-8 8 speedsters with one other archtype freakboy The Underground heroes who can operate underground - death Tribble The Ex Cons 5 former super criminals - Lixivious Justice Defenders 6 Merged Heroes DC and Marvel - freakboy Euro Guard Espana 5 national Spanish heroes - freakboy Antarticana 6 heroes operating in the Antarctic - Badger Ryan's Rejects 6 minor superpowers - Freakboy Speed Squad based on Formula 1 teams — Death Tribble Sanctum Six guards etc of hero bases - freakboy The Dimension Defenders Good 5 allegories of villains - Nothere P haraoh Force Five named after a Pharoah - Death Tribble The Risers 5 coming back from death - csyphrett Five Jade Wanderers Practitioners from the Temple of Jade - freakboy Amalgamated Construction, Mechanicals, and Expertise, Inc.

provide services to supervillains; 6 BoloOfEarth. Mad Intellectual Think Tank MITT, Mad Scientists 5 by Death Tribble, 5 by others 10 Death Tribble.

Squadron Squad different squadrons of specialised mercenaries making up the team 5 - cygnia. Sacremento Courthouse Five five villains sentenced to death for what happened at the Sacremento Courthouse death tribble.

Robbery Syndicate. Alleged group involved in the Chicago-San Francisco Run maimed or killed by American Protector.

Agents of Thorn. Mad Scientists Club. Famous mad scientists liked by the Mad Intellectual Think Tank 5. Death Tribble. Brides of Malkronos. Women from time used by Malkronos the Elder to guide his younger self 8 Steraica. The America Smashers superhimans out to destroy America but based on the original 13 Colonies 5 SKJAM!

The Crazy Eight. Members of the 8 or so groups who operated under tnhis name Steraica. Invaders Seven.

October Oddballs mayhem makers; monsters made up of different creatures to create something new - csyphrett. Potter's Phantoms based on It's a Wonderful Life what happens if you do not exist? Yellow Journalism Based on 'who', 'what', 'when', 'where', 'why' and 'how' - Bolo of Earth.

Alexandrian Order use magical items to fight DEMON but ends justify means Bolo of Earth. BRIC Brats villains from Brazil, India, China and Russia and South Africa 5 freakboy The Marsian League heroes who split from Aquarian League and became villains 6 - freakboy The New York Really Vicious Bastards Part 1 Offense football team upto 11 - Death tribble.

The New York Really Vicious Bastards Part 2 Defense football team upto 11 - Death tribble. Conspiracy Theorists 5 conspiracy theorists with odd ideas about the world - Bolo of Earth. Nine Circles of Hell 9 members conforming to the circles of Hell cf Dante - Death Tribble.

The Air War villain edition upto 10 villains involved in the New York battle — Death Tribble. The Nuclear Wing 31 st Century Mercenary group based on a-bomb effects -Werehawk.

The Reverse Engineer Power Armored Hero that steals villain tech to sell as his own JackValhalla. Lord of the River Dance Holder of a pair of dancing shoes that lets him control water csyphrett. Left the Owls csyphrett.

The Destroyer A partial Grond clone that gets stronger and dumber the madder he gets csyphrett. Caribou Lodge heroes based on the deer who pull Santa's sleigh?

National League of Superheroes based on professional sports teams? Michael Hopcroft. Death Squad America! heroes accused of acting as a death squad in magazine article Death tribble. Snak Attack heroes based on unhealthy eating between meals 4 distinct posters Bolo of Earth.

The Bookwyrms powers from favourite books -5 Bolo of Earth Felix - Echo3Niner Dilvish - csyphrett Sherlock - csyphrett Babel Fish - Hermit Ap-Peale - SKJAM!

Daytimers 6 heroes who can only operate during the day Apolla - PsiJudge McCabe Sunwolf - Bolo of Earth Clock Watcher - csyphrett Dawn - Quozaxx Shine - Death Tribble Dr Abraham Hallsinger - Freakboy Night Shift heroes only operative at night - freakboy Nightmind - Bolo of Earth Stein - csyphrett Luna Tic - Bolo of Earth The Hand - csyphrett Glenda the Good - Death tribble Goodwill- Bolo of Earth Hero Support support services for heroes - Bolo of Earth Kate Kiley analysis - csyphrett TacMaster - Bolo of Earth Angel's Advocate - SKJAM!

Kevin Barrett founder - Death Tribble Team Fabulous they fight crime and they look good doing it - Death Tribble Model Man - Nothere Armani - Echo3Niner Carol Caress - csyphrett Fashionista - Death Tribble Quickchange - Bolo of Earth The Commander - Freakboy Morphium Club Skiptime - Bolo of Earth The Legionary - Death Tribble Kay Shan, the dragon of Shanghai - csyphrett Magnificnet Marconi- csyphrett Timewalker - Death Tribble Dr Jeddidah Fix - csyphrett Mau - freakboy William Savage - freakboy Alien Reputation Renewal 6 Normally hostile aliens who act as heroes - csyphrett Adam Silver - Freakboy Tracker - Death Tribble kylyq - Freakboy Hugh Albert Mann - Freakboy Alstoy Alwof - csyphrett Prince Iormo - freakboy Seven Wonders based on the 7 wonders of the Ancient World Nike - freakboy Phantom Lighthouse - csyphrett Gardenia - Freakboy Artemesia the Bereaved Pyramid - csyphrett The Mental Colossus - freakboy Hope- csyphrett moon Stalker - Freakboy Legendary Creatures csyphrett based on creatures from myths tikbalang - csyphrett Chimera - freakboy Knocker - Freakboy The Sphinx - Death Tribble Koo-Shee - Lucius Hantu Raya - csyphrett Defenders of Sol 8 csyphrett Saffon the Sorceress - freakboy Gray Ghost - csyphrett Sailor Man - Lucius Kimya - freakboy Operative X-1 Agent of the Majextic 12 - Freakboy Bert Wall - csyphrett Captain Trident - freakboy New Republican Guard 6 French heroes - The Arc Porthos - The Arc Menhir - freakboy Worrier - csyphrett Maginot - freakboy faconner - freakboy Musketeer - Death Tribble Fusionner - freakboy Tonnerre Noir - Bolo of Earth Thunderbirds - morpheus Rex Butte - Nothere Walks Far - Death Tribble Eagle Eye - Lucius Smile - csyphrett Setting Sun - Death Tribble Sand Spirit - Badger Dog Soldier - freakboy Devil Killers 7 Van Hell Sling - Death Tribble Freedomsong - Lucius Priest - Death Tribble War Beast - csyphrett The Chorister - freakboy La Cazadora - Badger Hel Striker - freakboy Recess Rescuers 8 Hound - csyphrett Tank Girl - csyphrett Copier - csyphrett Glop - Bolo of Earth Survive - csyphrett Bat Man - csyphrett Long Tall Sally - Freakboy The A Team Amarillo Armadillo - SKJAM!

Ada Azule - freakboy Arkansas - Death Tribble Anchor - csyphrett Awol - csyphrett Aloha! Six Flags - Death Tribble Solomon the Mighty - csyphrett Greek Fire - Badger Captain Peru - Death tribble Parkport - Bolo of Earth The People's Champion of Light - csyphrett Crown Raven - freakboy Drak - freakboy The Cool Crusaders - Nothere Frostbite - Nothere Iceblock - Badger Chillax - Bolo of Earth Silver Skater - csyphrett Cool Runnings - freakboy Zero - csyphrett Snosstorm - Badger team New Orleans Papa Os - freakboy Levee - csyphrett St Jude - csyphrett barrataria - csyphrett The Muse - csyphrett katrina - csyphrett Doc Salvage - freakboy Seven Ups based in Florida and have a connection to 7 - csyphrett Sevenfold - Rails lucky 7 - Bolo of Earth Warp 7 - csyphrett Seven Sea of Rhye - Death Tribble 7 League Bett - freakboy seven Tons - cyphrett Seventh Son - Bolo of Earth Supportera of the Rock Band - Bolo of Earth Club Pillar - csyphrett O.

online Personal Assistant Limited - Bolo of Earth The Rock Tumbler - freakboy Jasper Smithson - Bolo of Earth George Geode - csyphrett Sgt Stephanie Stone - csyphrett Grocery Greens Vegetable themed heroes - csyphrett Cauliflower Ear - Bolo of Earth Brock Lee - Freakboy Spinach Man - Lucius popcorn - csyphrett Ketchup - Lucius Pea Shooter - freakboy The Sins of the Father descendents of supervillains - freakboy The Friar - Death Tribble son of Dr Nymax!

Mercy daughter of an assassin - freakboy Lullaby daughter of Brown Note - csyphrett Dietician son of Monsieur Souffle - Bolo of Earth Ticky creted by Tak the Lich - csyphrett Restitution son of Art Thief - freakboy The Able 8 - freakboy Rajit Iron Hands - freakboy Strobe- lixivious Voyeur - csyphrett The Squid - csyphrett Zen Arrow - csyphrett Dragon's Breath - csyphrett Moonblade - csyphrett Touch - csyphrett The Freys family hero group killed in Detroit, Eagles connection - csyphrett Queen of Hearts - csyphrett Axel F - Bolo of Earth Fast Lane - csyphrett Easy - Amorkca Midnight Flyer - Death Tribble USA - death Tribble Mindtouch - Bolo of Earth Nightstick - Lixivious The Wire - csyphrett Blooper - csyphrett Jack Nil - freakboy Compass Roses a direction and a flower 4 - freakboy Eastern Alchymist - Amorkca West Tulip - csyphrett Southern Kudzu - csyphrett Northern Rose - Death Tribble The Three Graces - Death Tribble Thalia - csyphrett Retiaria - freakboy Aglaea - csyphrett Cloud Base 9 5 rangers who work for UNTIL - csyphrett Purifier - Bolo of Earth Resonator - freakboy Clemente - csyphrett particler - csyphrett Manna - freakboy XLR-8 speedsters with one other archtype freakboy The Swift Hand martial artist - Death tribble Mighty Missile Man - csyphrett Speed Read mentalist - Badger Quick Draw McCall weaponsmaster - Bolo of Earth Stars and Stripes energy projector - freakboy Quick Change morph - csyphrett Doc Quick gadgeteer - freakboy Time Lash energy projector - Death Tribble The Underground heroes who can operate underground - death Tribble Caverner - csyphrett Rock Solid - Badger The Albino - Bolo of Earth The Miner - Death Tribble Abyss - Amorkca T.

The Ex Cons 5 former super criminals - Lixivious Extremity - Bolo of Earth Countess Yorga - Death Tribble manipulator - Nothere The Thousand Cuts - csyphrett Big Show - freakboy Justice Defenders 6 Merged Heroes DC and Marvel USA BAT - Death Tribble moon Lantern - csyphrett Professor Spectre - csyphrett Dr Kent - Bolo of Earth Curious Cat - Captn Strawberry power - freakboy Euro Guard Espana - freakboy El Cid - csyphrett The Republican - Death Tribble El Minotauro - Captn Strawberry El Capa - csyphrett The Pyrenean - Badger Antarticana heroes operating in the Antarctic Frosty - freakboy The Penguin - csyphrett Atomic Warrior - freakboy Ice Skater - csyphrett Ice Ursa - Nothere Super Dude - freakboy Ryan's Rejects 6 minor superpowers - Freakboy Sidestep - Bolo of Earth battle Beast - Lucius Quartermass - csyphrett Gentleman Bat - Badger peat - csyphrett Deadeye - Death Tribble Speed Squad Hexagon - freakboy Force India - csyphrett red bull - nothere Aguri Aka - freakboy Walter Wolf - csyphrett Golden lotus - Bolo of Earth HAAS - freakboy Sanctum Six guards etc of hero bases - freakboy Joshua - Bolo of Earth Donald morgan - csyphrett Sofa Surfer - Old Man Margarite Bonaducci - csyphrett Djinni S - Old Man Blip - Nothere The Dimension Defenders Good allegories of villains - Nothere Ubernazi - Nothere Luthor Black - csyphrett proizvodstva - freakboy Exo Man - bolo of Earth The Mechanism - Death Tribble pharaoh Force Five - Death Tribble Psusennes - csyphrett Menpehtyre Ramsesses - Death Tribble Ahmosis - Bolo of Earth Sobekneferu - Freakboy narmer - csyphrett The Risers coming back from death - csyphrett Necromanca - Death Tribble crash - csyphrett Monkey's Paw - Badger Claim Jumper - Badger Reboot - freakboy Stunners aka O.

Gang Opera Gloves 5 good looking women who wear opera gloves - Hermit. Sacremento Courthouse Five villains sentenced to death following 'their actions' during attack on said courthouse 5 Death Tribble.

The Rogue Battalion members of supervillain group founded in early 90s 7 Death Tribble exclude any entries Tribble makes. Named and dead: Blue Shadow, Iron Hawk, Iron Hawk 2, Gold Man, Mindmaster, Dr Devious, Fire Falcon, Kreigterra, Inhuman Weasel, Magistrate, Felonious Ferret.

Famous mad scientists liked by the Mad Intellectual Think Tank member 5. October Oddballs mayhem makers; monsters made up of different creatures to create something new - 5 csyphrett. Potter's Phantoms all wished to disappear and life was better without them. They want revenge 5 - Badger.

Yellow Journalism based on 'Who', 'What', 'Where', 'When', 'Why' and 'How, - Bolo of Earth. Pancake - SKJAM! The Fluffies based on stuffed toys - csyphrett Pain de Bear - Bolo of Earth. Refractor Orb - Bolo of Earth he Stupendous Lightman darkman - Death tribble Battlewagon Juggernaut - Death Tribble.

Doom Raven - Freakboy Medicins Sans Moralite - freakboy Dr Malcolm Veillant - Freakboy Hollywwod Black List - Comic Hollywood Grey List - Comic Hollywood Brown List - Comic The Wild Cards teenagers - steraica Twist of Fate alters probability - Death Tribble Slim - csyphrett The Intruder - steraica Grunt brick - steraica Plan Bee unleashes insects - csyphrett Mindkey mentalist - steraica Suicide King - freakboy The Unkindness Corvid themed - Freakboy Tengu - steraica Hugin - csyphrett Evermore - SKJAM!

Magpie - Death Tribble Carrion Crow - Bolo of Earth Rook - Freakboy Red Wedding wedding themed - csyphrett The Wedding Slinger - Bolo of Earth The Caterer - Death Tribble The Bouquet - csyphrett Father Brimstone - Heroic Halfwit Piece Holder - Steraica Ring Bearer - freakboy Jet Justice Revenge Society foes of Jet Justice now in the real world steraica Terra Farmer - Death Tribble Rocket Ravager - Freakboy Plantlet - csyphrett Psi Wren Songbird of the Spaceways - freakboy 1G0R - freakboy Savge Magnus - Nothere Monk of Krezzlor - csyphrett Thaluna, Empress of Space - Death Tribble Diabolika star Scourge, the Pirate Princess - freakboy President Jon Terra - SKJAM!

May Linda Terra - Death Tribble The Seven Plunderers based on the Seven Wonders of the World - Death Tribble Professor Pyramid - freakboy The Gardener - Death Tribble crusader - freakboy The Olympian - csyphrett Pharos - Death Tribble Silver Owl - freakboy The Colossus of Rhode Island - freakboy the BRICbrats - Freakboy Supremo Brazil - Death Tribble Iron Flower India - steraica red Sormovo Russia - Lixivious Dragon's Breath China -csyphrett The Boer South Africa - Death Tribble.

The Three Kings - Death Tribble King Canute - Freakboy Emporer of the Fist - Steraica Congo King gorilla - csyphrett Polestars Arctic based villains - csyphrett Cariboo - Bolo of Earth Walrus - Death Tribble Snow Goose - steraica Narwhal - Steraica Arctic Fox - Death Tribble Water bear - freakboy Dayjobbers - SKJAM!

Wordsmith - steraica Major Art - The Arc Mr Bad Business - Lixivious Herstory - csyphrett Bad Penny - Steraica Crazy 8 Part 2 - Steraica.

The Magnificent Seven - Death Tribble Michael 'Mack The Knife' McKenzie - Freakboy The Lancer - csyphrett Oxbow - Bolo of Earth Viv Tanner - Death Tribble Big Boy - freakboy Steel maiden - SKJAM! Deadeye - Freakboy Stereotypes national stereotypes - 8 freakboy Oignon Vendeur France - Death Tribble Whistling Dixie Southern American States - Steraica Red Leaf Canada - csyphrett Russian Steamroller Russia - Captain Strawbery The Otaku Japan - freakboy Aggro England - Death Tribble Herr Winksamkeit Germany - freakboy Al Dente Italian - Lixivious Sports Jargon - Lixivious Double Header - freakboy freethrow - csyphrett Hat Trick - Lucius.

Armor of Krim people wearing the armor of Krim - Steraica Chesterfield breastplate - Death Tribble. Lord Protector - Death Tribble The Society of Masks work for Milos Stempf, The Creator - Death Tribble Venus of Milos - Freakboy Gaze - Steraica.

Rocket Racers illadvisedly doing a city to city run -csyphrett Rocket Jock - Steraica Mr Zzz - Freakboy Captain Hadow- csyphrett Hotdog - Bolo of Earth Speed King VII - Death Tribble T. Transit Intelligent Co-Pilot - Freakboy Sweet Pea - SKJAM! Bitter Spirits named after drink - SKJAM! Demon Rum - SKJAM!

Everclear - Lucius Green Fairy - Freakboy Jim Beam - csyphrett Johnny Walker - steraica Absinthe - Bolo of Earth Vegan 5 opponents of snack attack Bolo of Earth Vegana - Death Tibble Brocko Flora - steraica Obligate - SKJAM! Captain Cauliflower- csyphrett Killer Karrott - Nothere Paul Powers - Freakboy thieves whose names correspond to HIDE - Nothere holo - Freakboy Invidious - SKJAM!

Denial - Bolo of Earth Everglow - Steraica Rejects of the Universe not good enough to be with Skeletor or Hordak - steraica Mansack - freakboy Creepor - Death Tribble Spindrill - csyphrett Lazora - Steraica Womandrill - Death Tribble Mothmolla - csyphrett Fakora - Steraica Bikina - Death Tribble Nun of the Above - Death Tribble Porko - Captain Strawberry Buzzbomb - Freakboy Aracknos - Freakboy New European Outlaw Nation based on 80s songs - Freakboy Eyes Without a Face - freakboy Invisible Touch - steraica Dare - steraica King o Pain - Captain strawberry Dandy Highwayman - Freakboy Everywhere - Nothere the Shout - csyphrett The Model - Death Tribble Hidden Hand aids criminals with services - Nothere Strife - Nothere Legman - Steraica Laundress - Freakboy Getaway - csyphrett The Fixer - steraica Triage - freakboy Scene Stealers based on film terms - Freakboy Gaffer - Freakboy Best Boy - Steraica Foley - csyphrett Razor Cut - Freakboy Body Double - Captain Strawberry Jump Scare - freakboy Pyroteknik- Freakboy Ten Plagues of Egypt based on the plagues as described in the Bible - Death Tribble Bloodwater - Steraica Frog Father - csyphrett Flea Master - Death Tribble Belzabud, Lord of Flies - Steraica Ann Thrax - freakboy The Boil - csyphrett Stormsinger - Death Tribble Locust - Freakboy Phantom Lighthouse - csyphrett DFB Death of the First Born - freakboy Seven Seas of Crime - 7 water based to seas and oceans Freakboy Dead Sea - Death Tribble Arctic - csyphrett.

The Marsian League heroes who split from the Aquarian League becoming villains in process Freakboy The New York Really Vicious Bastards Villainous Football Team Part1 Offence - Death Tribble.

The New York Really Vicious Bastards Villainous Football Team Part 2 Defence - Death Tribble. Mud Root Menacers enemies of the Farm Belt, based on cereal mascots - csyphrett Baron Von Redberry - Death Tribble SuperCrisp - csyphrett Cocoa Puff - Bolo of Earth Captain Cruncher - Death Tribble Quazy Quisp - Captn Strawberry The Invertebrates Insects and Spider themes mainly but no spines, no plants - Captn Strawberry Urtica - Captn Strawberry Eyrthwyrm - Bolo of Earth Tapeworm - csyphrett Mongolian Death Caterpiller MDC - Death Tribble Locutis - Bolo of Earth Starfisher - Steraica The Great 8 villains believing they are doing heroic things Bobbin Spool - csyphrett Il Professore - Death Tribble Ransomware - csyphrett Night Nurse - csyphrett Black Metal - Death Tribble EMPulse - Bolo of Earth The Accident - csyphrett The Auditor - Death Tribble.

Curse of the Tomb victims of a cursed tomb max 20 Manos - csyphrett Essence - Bolo of Earth Death Bug - Nothere Astrogeddoner - csyphrett Acquisitor- Death Tribble Shadow of his Former Self - Death Tribble The Flying Caiman - csyphrett Omnivore - csyphrett Xiopathic - csyphrett Go Between - Death Tribble Jacquero - csyphrett Xymoti - Badger X-Ray - freakboy The Hanging Tree - csyphrett Attendent - Death Tribble Poison Frog - csyphrett Astrologer - csyphrett Miguel Fernandez - csyphrett Breakage - death tribble Ruin -steraica Mainfame 2.

MDG Most Dangerous Game hunter - freakboy Fletcher - csyphrett Null - csyphrett Slaymore - freakboy Minecrafter - csyphrett Harrier - csyphrett Julius Darkman - Death tribble The Festive Connection 4 Death tribble New Year - csyphrett The Fool - freakboy Devil's Knight - Bolo of Earth Lent - csyphrett Fighting Ferrets mustelids?

The Awakened coma victims recover with powers? freakboy Clarion - Amorkca Bartos - Amorkca Clock Knife - csyphrett gravity Mistress - csyphrett Gorou Matsumoto - Death Tribble Leaper - Bolo of Earth Sign - csyphrett Deflector - Badger The Highway Robbers - Lucius Freeway Bandit - Death tribble Highwaywoman - steraica Never Mind - Bolo of Earth Matt Walker - csyphrett Highway Star - steraica Los Rudoes Luchadors - steraica Professor Caotica - freakboy El Matador - Death Tribble Rapida - Lixivious Diamond Caballo - csyphrett Amazonia - freakboy Cuchracha - csyphrett Petumverate 5 mystic powered teenagers - freakboy Scarlet Saber - freakboy Silver Stiletto - Bolo of Earth Black Claw - Badger Gray Gunner - csyphrett Cerulean Chain - Death Tribble The Purian Call 4 anti magic Roderick Decker - steraica Gary Kanto - csyphrett Spirit Killer - Death tribble Mundame - Badger Queens of the Carnival 5 Legatus Queen of Gluttony - steraica Queen of Pride - csyphrett Mambo Queen - Black Ops Queen of Vengeance - Bolo of Earth Queen of Lust - Death Tribble , Task Force Death!

The Evils 4 evil Monkeys steraica Morris Regent speak evil - csyphrett Madame Fortuna see evil - Death Tribble Sin Breaker hear evil - freakboy Quiet Riot do evil - csyphrett The Sensations 6 heroes gone bad, sensory input powers - csyphrett Numb - Bolo of Earth Doctor X - steraica Deaf Man - csyphrett Smell E - Death Tribble Pinball - Freakboy Discordance - freakboy Black Company super mercenaries 5 - csyphrett Sore Loser - steraica Tinker Tailor - steraica Hangtime - csyphrett The Bunny - csyphrett The Guv - Death Tribble Wermacht based on German weapons Death Tribble - steraica Panzerfaust - Badger Das Boot - Old Man Sturmvogel - Bolo of Earth V6 - csyphrett Los Conquistadors 5 Spanish pro monarchy and re-establish the empire villains -csyphrett Isabel - Badger Cortez - Death tribble El Rey - steraica The Moor - csyphrett El Bufon - steraica The Mages of Darkness 7 evil wizards El Mystico Noir - Death tribble The Syon of Chaos - steraica The Measurer - csyphrett Merlina - Death Tribble Dark Cloak - Nothere High Plains Drifter - Badger Dr Cololossus - freakboy The Sinister Ones enemies of the Atomic Fist The Twisted Hand - steraica Open Hands agents - Lucius The Fatale Hand - Death tribble Manos Forte - pinecone The Grasp - csyphrett Hammerhands - freakboy Der experimentelle-Scheitern-kader 6 reject Nazi super soldiers - freakboy Der Wulfen Todt - steraica Ghul - csyphrett der Kreig Sentry - Death tribble Berserker - pinecone Red Ghost - csyphrett Herr Rosarot - Freakboy The Fearful Four cowards - Freakboy Flinch - Bolo of Earth The Yellow Streak - Death Tribble The Rat - csyphrett Switcher - Nothere The Night Skulkers - Nothere Hangman - Nothere Whitechapel - Amorkca Steam Fletcher - steraica Claw of Darkness - csyphrett Spring Heeled Jacqueline - Death tribble Ragamuffinn - freakboy Allies o Captain Nemo freakboy The Cloudbuster Kid - freakboy Dr Destruction - csyphrett Steel Coffin - Bolo of Earth The Great Mesmero - csyphrett Blind Jonah - freakboy Death Dealers 5 people in armour named after tanks - freakboy Centurion - Bolo of Earth Panzer - Death Tribble Maus - freakboy Netopyr Bat - Captn Strawberry Arjun - freakboy extra entry Abrams - Bolo of Earth The Star Smashers alien haters 6 - Bolo of Earth Andromeda - csyphrett Agent Stone - steraica Terra Firma - Captn Strawberry Tarantula - Nothere Orion - csyphrett Sunburst - Badger Crazy Eight War Team A originals vs Team B killers - steraica Team A Somnia - pinecone Burnout - pinecone Lockpick - csyphrett Agent 9 - freakboy Team B xamthippe - Golden Age Moonlight Mangler - csyphrett TwobyFour - freakboy Angelus Nox - Death Tribble Six Pack bodybuilders gone bad - Death Tribble Little Latifa - Old Man Goliath - csyphrett Bey of Bengal - Death Tribble Muscle Mary - freakboy Adonis - freakboy Electric Constrictor - nothere Dimension Destroyers - Nothere General America - Nothere Athenica - Death Tribble Gotham - steraica The Last Aristocrat - Freakboy Archmage - csyphrett The Clive Five enemies of the Teen Tartens Cailleach - Bolo of Earth Bruce The Robert - Death tribble The Campbell - csyphrett Spunkie - Captn Strawberry Irn Bro - Freakboy The Gunsight Boyz rappers MC Zamouri X - Badger White Ice - csyphrett DC Malet - Bolo of Earth Terminator Z - Death Tribble Hype a Flow - freakboy Bad Eggs - freakboy The Alien Resistance Demanding Inner Space Dr Who parody villains — Death Tribble.

The Agents of Change and Equity Blue Chip. The Almighty buck The Exchange, Three Dollar Bill and General Quarters. The Mite Have Beens shrunk villains menacing the Budgerigar 4 — Jack Valhalla. Uncle Peter Visgoth's brother In witness protection. Put his own dad in prison and various other family members.

Dennis Shipton Peter's son aka The Rotton Blue Ogre. Dr Nymax! Katya cousin the girl who refuses to grow up. Has had a similar effect on her mother who is Dr Nymax! Unnamed cousin, Dr Nymax! Unnamed Witch daughter of one of Dr Nymax!

All these were teams that Ren was a part of Wild Feral Battalion, Anti American Teen Force, League of Naughtiness. There are proposed changes that we need to do. For example the Nixon Gang has 2 Haldemann's and so one should have a name change.

Another is for links between groups that we should have though of previously. If you see one say so here. The first thing that comes to mind is the Owls and the Vultures are main enemies. Other bird-related heroes and villains have linked back to that conflict. We also have a lot of renegade Mechanon drones, and time travelers working at cross purposes, but the one group specifically targeting Mechanon and the one group trying to avert whatever global catastrophe happened in their individual timelines might work together.

Where it states that two are enemies like the Owls and Vultures that will be noted. There are two sets of Undead working against each other as well.

Plus the Time Travel one based on previous enemies. What I am talking about is where we have not mentioned it before and now want to make a link. I;ll look at the Mechanon link, thanks. I know I have a tendency to link a lot of my heroes and villains together at times.

Headmaster has his hooks in a few low level supervillian groups from Academica Diabolica. He has DNA from Gean Freeks as a 'mind slave', and may have a mind controled agent in even more groups.

So, Geen Freeks are 'friendly' to Acadamina Diabolica. And other groups might be 'friendly' with them in simuler ways the mind slave need not be the leader. I have to reread a lot of descriptions to get this up to date but hints like the above are appreciated.

I am updating the potential links and ideas that have not appeared yet atpresent. Sergestion: Since we have a group of extradimentinal horse villians from Horse Earth the One Trick Ponies , would it make sence for a group of heroic horses from Horse Earth come down to oppose them?

While both eco-terrorist villains, Cry of Gaia and Gaia's Vengeance are bitter rivals. You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Note: Your post will require moderator approval before it will be visible. News Browse Clubs Forums Downloads Guidelines Online Users Leaderboard More Activity All Activity Search More Store Browse Refund Policy More Support Contact Us About HERO Games HERO System Basics More Social Media Gift Cards More More Everywhere This Forum This Topic Status Updates Pages Articles Products Topics Files Events Members.

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Updated July 24th by hand Hero Teams 1. The Even-Odds the unofficial Poker Police; 7 Cygnia 2. Guardians of History protect timestream; 6 SKJAM! The Crusaders legacy heroes; 7 Chris Goodwin 4. Agents of Change transformation; 5 SKJAM! Stellars aliens; 5 Chris Goodwin 8. Constitutional Guard patriotic; 6 Badger 9.

Graveyard Shift undead; 5 SKJAM! Pg 5 Seekers Champions reserve wannabes; 4 BoloOfEarth Owls of Rome toys; 7 csyphrett Capital Contingent corporate sponsored DC team; 5 BoloOfEarth Nekketsu Yuusha-tachi anime; 6 SKJAM!

Historicals androids of famous people; 5 Mathew SWAT LAPD super-SWAT team; 4 Legatus Victory Corps publicity-seekers; 7 Enforcer84 New Youth Pioneers Russian teens; 6 The Arc The Redeemers restore reputation hurt by villainous relatives; 6 Cygnia The Knights of Saint Nicholas protect children; 4 SKJAM!

The Zodiac astrology signs; 12 Lucius Threshold G incredibly dangerous; 5 SKJAM! The Shinsengumi official Japan patriot team; 10 gaberegan Vigilance Inc. vigilante justice; 9 Cygnia The Exiles MegaCorp-sponsored team of exiles; death tribble The Seven Lights faith-based heroes based on seven virtues; 7 SKJAM!

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The Library of Congress is the greatest archive the world has ever known. That is, unless the policy has changed since the last time I traveled from Alaska to Washington, D. to visit the library, it is difficult to impossible for you or I to check out its volumes.

However, Buck, as a Congressional investigator, could have its historical treasures delivered directly to his desk, along with the contents of many other far flung libraries, books that your home town inter-library loan specialist could not afford to request even if he or she could find out that they existed.

Buck, having long had the sort of advantages that most researchers can only dream about, has become proficient at ferreting out unknown but relevant records. He also has been paid well for his work and owns the best personal Latin American library I have ever seen. It swims with names of people who actually had little to do with Machu Picchu, who said they were at the ruins before Bingham and, apparently, were not.

Don Luis Bejar Ugarte was one of the first to ascend to the marvelous ruins. Despite decades of research on Latin America and extraordinary access to historical documents, Buck offers the reader no more than several lines in an anonymous preface from one virtually unknown magazine.

Since then, Alain Gioda and Lucie Arlandis have found a slightly more complete version that was published in [the Peruvian newspaper] El Comercio on 23 November In light of the request by the engineer don Augusto R.

Berns, a German subject, declaring the intention to carry out excavations in pre-Columbian tombs and housing structures located in the province of La Convención and Urubamba in the Department of Cuzco; proposing to give the Treasury part of the value found therein; and requesting special protection for himself and his interests; and considering that the facilities that he requests do not impose any burden on the State, he can enjoy the fruits as a participant of the treasure or values that may be discovered; according to the information provided by the Section of the relevant department, and adopting the indications proposed by the Ministry of the Treasury in the preceding report: accept the proposal with the following conditions:.

a Don Augusto R. Berns grants to the State ten per cent of the gold, silver and jewelry, or the equivalent of the value in local currency, of all the objects in the aforementioned metals that he finds and extracts from the Inca Huacas and Inca structures in the Department of Cuzco that he proposes to explore and excavate:.

a All objects of copper, clay, wood and stone will be the exclusive property of Berns, whatever their artistic merit, providing they do not contain gold or silver metal, as the parts in which there are these metals in the objects will be weighed and valued for the effects of the above clause:.

a The objects of art made of precious metals are permitted to belong absolutely to Berns, prior payment made to the Treasury of the ten per cent corresponding to the State, deducted from the total value of the object after the metal has been weighed and graded:.

a The Government reserves the right to appoint, when it deems convenient, the inspector or auditing commission, to which it will give the necessary instructions, that in agreement with Berns can visit, value and make effective the payment of the ten per cent that corresponds to the State:.

a The Prefect of Cuzco shall, in the meantime, appoint a person to accompany Berns and witness the excavation works that he executes, providing an account on all the circumstances and work, and a detailed report on what is discovered, in the case that the commission appointed by the Government is not yet present.

The wage or fees of this provisional inspector will be paid by Berns:. a The Government is under obligation to provide Berns with the law enforcement deemed necessary for the protection of the Enterprise, the protection of his interests and defense of his person and the workers he employs.

This force will be remunerated and paid by Berns, as he has offered, through a budget arrangement with the corps they belong to; being also his obligation to provide them with the necessary food:. a If Berns forms a Company or Society for this enterprise, said institution will be subject to the conditions hereby stipulated and is not allowed to request a modification, clarification or suspension of the clauses recorded:.

a All difficulties that may arise in complying with this agreement shall be resolved by the Courts of the Republic, with no recourse of diplomatic claims of any kind. Grant the corresponding public deed, with prior approval by Don Augusto R.

Berns, of the preceding clauses, which are equivalent to official record. Decreto Supremo referente á la Explotacion del las Huacas y Construcciones gentilicas de las provincias de Urubamba y la Convencion, Departmento del Cuzco.

Visto el recurso del ingeniero don Augusto R. Berns, súbdito alemán, manifestando el propósito de hacer excavaciones en huacas incásicas y en constucciones gentilicas; ubicadas en la provincia del La Convención y Urubamba del Department del Cuzco; proponiendo ceder al Fisco parte del valores que en ellas encuentre; y solicitando especial protección en su persona ó intereses; y en atención á que no imponiendo gravámen ninguno al Estado las facilidades que solicita el recurrente, puede reportarle aprovechamiento como partícipe del tesoro ó valores que se descubrieran; de acuerdo con la informado por la Seccion del Ramo, y adoptando las indicacíones propuestas por el Ministerio Fiscal en la vista que precede: acéptase la propuesta con las condiciones siguentes:.

Berns cede á favor del Estado el diez por ciento del oro, plata y alhajas, ó en moneda nacional el equivalente al valor de ese tanto, de todos los objectos que de los referidos metales encuentre y extraiga de las huacas incásicas y constucciones gentilicas en el Departmento del Cuzco se propone explorar y explotar:.

a Serán de propiedad exclusiva de Berns, todos los objetos de cobre, barro, madera y piedra cualquiera que sea su mérito artistico, con tal de no contengan metal de oro ó plata, pues las partes que de ellas se encontrasen en dichos objectos, serán pesadas y valorizadas para los efectos del artículo anterior:.

a Las objetos de arte de metales preciosos, podrán pertenecer en lo absoluto á Berns, prévia oblacion que haga al Fisco del diez por ciento que corresponde al Estado, deducido del valor total del objeto despues de pesado y apreciada la ley del metal:.

a Tanto los anunciados objetos como los designados en el artículo segundo, serán de libre disposicion para Berns, quedando con la facultad de venderlos ó exportarlos, sin otro gravámen que el que fija el arancel de Aduana por ser derechos ordenados por las leyes vigentes:.

a Se reserva el Gobierno la facultad de nombrar, cuando lo crea conveniente, la persona ó comision interventora, á la que dará las necesarias instrucciones, para que de acuerdo con Berns, pueda pasar; valorizar y hacer efectiva la entrega del diez por ciento que corresponde al Estado:.

a El Prefecto del Cuzco designará entretanto una persona que acompañe á Berns y presencie los trabajos de excavacion que ejecute, dando cuenta de todas las circunstancias con que se realicen, y aviso detallado de lo que se descubriese, en caso de no hallarse aun presente la comision que nombre el Gobierno.

El haber ó remuneracion de este interventor provisional será de cuenta de Berns:. a El Gobierno se obliga á poner á disposicion de Berns la fuerza pública que crea necesaria para lá protección de la Empresa, el resguardo de los intereses y defensa de su persona y trabajadores que emplee.

Esta fuerza será remunerada y pagada por Berns, como lo ofrece, con arreglo al presupuesto del cuerpo á que pertenezca; siendo tambien de su obligacion, proporcionarle la conveniente alimentacion:.

a En caso que Berns formase Companía ó Sociedad para esta empresa, ella la quedará obligada a someterse á las condiciones estipuladas, sin que sea permitido pedir modificacion, aclaratoria ó suspension de las cláusulas consignadas:. a Toda dificultad que se suscite en el cumplimiento de este convenio, será resuelta por los Tribunales de la República; sin que haya lugar a reclamación diplomática de ninguna especie.

Otórguese la escritura pública respectiva, prévia aceptacion de Don Augusto R. Berns, de las cláusulas que preceden, las que tendrán lugar de minuta. PG: Would you settle for a couple dozen words from an unsigned, forty-seven-year-old essay in an obscure Cusco magazine?

Both maps provided by P. Greer; also Greer made the colored markings on the maps. A larger version of the map can be found at the end of this interview.

For years, Berns explored deliberately for ruins, using local guides very familiar with the area. Berns himself knew the vicinity well enough to precisely mark his map with each of twenty-one separate locations inhabited by resident farmers, upriver and downriver from Machu Picchu.

A couple of years later, Charles Wiener was upriver in the village of Ollantaytambo. Is it rational to think that two transient explorers were well aware of the site but a resident who intentionally sought out such huacas [Inca burial tombs] was not? If Berns kept a diary, I have not discovered it.

To my knowledge, Berns [also] never owned a camera. Apparently he did not carve his name on the Sun Temple at Machu Picchu either. While I am convinced that he was at Machu Picchu there I go again!

Macedo there. Possibly, that evidence will show up in the Berlin Museum where Sr. Macedo sold numerous remarkable relics between and Hiram Bingham himself traveled to Berlin in to see the [Macedo] collection. Berns [also] did not mention Machu Picchu, the mountain, nor did he have any reason to apply those words to the ruins, decades before Bingham gave them that name.

I doubt anyone tossed the statue of an Inca in the river. And it was to be worshiped in place of him by the people who went there… He ordered that a statue be made of his fingernails and hair that had been cut in his lifetime.

It was made in that town where his body was kept. Are you working on any new leads? PG: Certainly, I look forward to learning more about Machu Picchu than the hackneyed clichés that have often been sold so dearly in the past.

Once the spectacle wears off, I hope that more sincere and capable researchers will tell us something we do not know about Machu Picchu before Bingham. Berns was led to other sites. They did not compare to Machu Picchu, nor were they so close to his camp, but they were symbiotic with our famous tourist destination.

The Llactapata complex, just five kilometers from Machu Picchu, was only recently brought to light by Gary Ziegler and Hugh Thomson. Although Llactapata was directly associated with Machu Picchu, in when I was there with Ziegler, the site was still under cultivation and there were signs of fresh looting.

I have shared my odd research freely for thirty years. Inexplicably, no one else has done much with it. Even the few who have expropriated my work have made little effort to expound upon it.

Unfortunately, my meager contributions were sensationalized out of proportion. I think there is enough evidence to allow any unprejudiced reader to appreciate that, after searching for ruins for so long, Berns probably found the jackpot of them all [that is, the ruins of Machu Picchu] , a short hike from his camp.

Still, I hope that he did not get much. Anyway, the better tombs were likely already pilfered by the same locals who guided Berns there, if not by their grandfathers before them. While I think that Fernando Astete, the industrious and well-liked current Director of the Machu Picchu Reserve, is doing the best he can under the circumstances, there are other considerable forces at play.

Most Peruvians cannot afford to see their own famous ruins and less well-heeled foreigners increasingly have to settle for something a little less pricey. Thanks to previous administrations, there are numerous structures in Machu Picchu that were not there fifty years ago.

They have been created from piles of rubble simply to attract more tourists. While the percentage of false constructions absent in older photos is small, how many are too many? Likewise, he has never published the entire Torontoy map, perhaps for the same reason.

Worse, Buck gave a copy of that same map to Federico Kauffman Doig and Mariana Mould de Pease persisted until Kauffman Doig gave it to her.

I have told Mould de Pease many times about my reservations concerning the release of this phony treasure map of the Machu Picchu area. Still, she insists that she wants to publish it before someone else does.

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Optical Illusion 05Y, W 2×3 Tree of Knowledge. Street Hustle 05W15, W 3×3 Bushel-n-Peck. True Freedom 05Y92, W 4×4 Missy Baba. Baalbeck 05W5, W 5×4 Shenanigans.

Get the Drift 06W18, UR 5×5 Raise You. Deputy Caton 06Y1, UP 5×5 Alanesian. Emperice 06Y, UR 5×4 Gold Digger. Lake Capote 06Y2, W 3×3 Suspicious Native. Triple Trick 06T37, UP 4×4 Kankakee Miss.

Montana Mike 06Y37, W 3×3 Ride the Trails. Faber 06Y2, W 4×5 Kerala. Repented 06W8, UP 5×4 Bold Princess. Wardyan 06Y30, W 5×4 Bold Princess. Poor to Fair 06Y8, W 5×5 Nothirdchance. Skip a Rose 06Y5, GSP 3×3 Looks Promising.

Desired 06Y2,, PL 3×4 South Ocean. Street Hustle 06Y40, W 3×3 Bushel-n-Peck. True Freedom 06T, W 4×4 Missy Baba. Baalbeck 06Y15, W 5×4 Shenanigans. unnamed 06Y10, UR 4×3 Kankakee Miss. Timbaa 07Y17, PL 4x5x5 Natalma. Yes Chief Yes 07Y11, UR 5×4 Alanesian.

Ibn Al Nafis 07Y1,, W 4×4 Gold Digger. Record Holder 07Y17, UR 5×4 Natalma. Giant Jake 07Y, UR 5x5x5 Natalma. Victory Lane 07Y, W 5×4 Natalma.

Lake Capote 07T4, W 3×3 Suspicious Native. Silver Black 07W, GSP 4×4 South Ocean. Storm Lady F 07T10, W 3×3 Terlingua. Pretty Caroline 07Y60, UP 4×3 Terlingua.

Foxy Frauline 07Y4, W 4×5 Raise You. Montana Mike 07T, W 3×3 Ride the Trails. Repented 07Y12, UP 4×5 Bold Princess. Siberian Autumn 07Y7, W 3×4 Indian Call.

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Pattern B was below the overall average and maverage. Pattern A was above the overall average and maverage considerably above the latter. So in terms of racing results, Pattern C should have been best, followed by Pattern A and Pattern B.

And that was exactly the case. Pattern B had ZERO stakes winners from 43 foals. So much for the power of duplicating FULL siblings. Enough said. Pattern A had six stakes winners from foals 3.

Those six stakes winners were not particularly good though. They averaged only Performance Points each compared to the overall average of Taking both quantity and quality of stakes winners into account, that translated into a PPI result of 0.

Not particularly good, especially since their average and maverage were ABOVE the overall figures. Pattern C had seven stakes winners from foals 6.

Those seven stakes winners were pathetically weak though Performance Points of , , , , , , and The overall average is Hence taking both quantity and quality of stakes winners into account, that translated into a PPI result of 0. So yes, Pattern C was the best of the three patterns, but it was still below the overall average 1.

I found it particularly amusing that Pattern C had the best results despite being the one pattern of the three considered to be not significant because it involved half siblings instead of full siblings; and the full siblings had ZERO stakes winners from 43 foals.

But the best results of Pattern C were really not that good considering its extremely high prices. They have not found it yet. They never will. The reproductive math of species like the horse, militate against successful inbreeding, not to mention that what thoroughbred breeders call inbreeding barely passes for linebreeding and just as you point out, is sufficiently removed from any key ancestor to insure mediocre results.

There are some examples of breeders getting away with close matings such as the stallion Janus; however, only species which produce hordes of offspring which can be progeny tested without bankruptcy lend themselves to it.

My European Large White sows could produce twenty to thirty offspring per year which allowed at least a few 0ne percenters to be used subsequently. Almost impossible with thoroughbreds, even without the increase of unfavorable recessives.

I will leave it up to you to explain WHY. My job is to hammer home that it does NOT. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Email Address:. Sign me up!

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If I could digitize it all and back it up as well, I would burn the original hard copy with a smile. And if so, what was the gist of what the letters said? What was Berns soliciting from these people?

PG: Sadly, those fifty-seven addressed envelopes were empty. What may have been missing in the box were the envelopes that Berns had already sent. In another folder was a different list of possible clients.

I imagine that he was soliciting investment capital. From one version to the next, it was telling how he embellished a word here or added another lost mine there. So is that what Berns was up to—lying about fake gold mines so that he could resell the property that he had bought in ?

What I saw of his correspondence at the BNP was dated and What did they signify? The BNP folder contained an envelope addressed to Mr.

George Mahon with rusted pieces of iron a couple of inches long. Since Berns had bothered to send the heavy metal scraps to the States, he must have thought them important.

Actually, I think he was right. Regrettably, the letter of explanation was missing from the envelope. It is generally accepted that the conquistadors never learned about Machu Picchu.

What is not known is when, exactly, Spaniards or Peruvians more recently returned to the ruins for purposes other than cultivation. Long before Berns, Vilcanota residents probably plundered the better tombs, shortly after they realized their booty would sell in Cusco. Their metallurgy might indicate how old they are, what purpose the metal served or if they were simply left behind by earlier grave robbers.

Unhappily, that information is less valuable without the missing letter indicating where Berns found them. How did Göhring do that? However, Berns, like Göhring, likely had high political connections, including one or more presidents of the Republic.

a fine-grained igneous rock, unlikely to contain any metal worth mining, especially by ancient methods. Göhring explained the geology in detail and seemed to know his stuff.

If he saw nuggets of any size at all taken from what is now Aguas Calientes, he did not mention it. At least, President Cáceres must have thought so when he made the deal to permit Berns to exploit the nearby ruins.

It was addressed to Augusto R. Berns, and you state that the letter gave Berns permission to loot Inca tombs. She knew too little about Berns to see an association between him and Machu Picchu, nor did she make any such connection in her book.

In fact, Ms. Mould was quite surprised when I told her that Berns lived just across the river from Machu Picchu. In other words, the decree has no specific link to the ruin we know today as Machu Picchu, or to any other site for that matter.

PG: Gee, this seems like a repeat of the last question. Dan Buck has written more about my article on this blog, alone, than all the words contained in my original story.

While Buck has been prolific in his invalidation, he offers little evidence of his own as to why he is so fixed in his opinion. President Cáceres gave Augusto Berns permission to exploit tombs and Inca structures in the provinces of Urubamba and La Convención in the Department of Cuzco.

So, it made no sense to restrict himself to a single ruin when, indeed, there were many. Berns knew of, visited, intended to loot, or looted Machu Picchu. Among other things, I wrote that for many years between and Berns maintained a residence two miles from Machu Picchu.

During that period, he purposely searched for ruins, using local guides who, like their ancestors before them, were intimate with the area.

Berns was in the business of looting Inca tombs and Machu Picchu was on his doorstep. There are no ruins at that spot unless you stand there and look up at Machu Picchu, which is directly across the river and in plain view. It takes less than an hour. Most tourists take the brief mini bus ride instead, spend the day at the ruins and return to Aguas Calientes, where Berns lived, with plenty of time to clean up before supper.

By the way, Dan Buck, like myself, wrote an article on Machu Picchu in the South American Explorer magazine. Also, like mine, his story is available on your blog.

Buck has worked as a professional researcher in Washington, D. The Library of Congress is the greatest archive the world has ever known. That is, unless the policy has changed since the last time I traveled from Alaska to Washington, D.

to visit the library, it is difficult to impossible for you or I to check out its volumes. However, Buck, as a Congressional investigator, could have its historical treasures delivered directly to his desk, along with the contents of many other far flung libraries, books that your home town inter-library loan specialist could not afford to request even if he or she could find out that they existed.

Buck, having long had the sort of advantages that most researchers can only dream about, has become proficient at ferreting out unknown but relevant records.

He also has been paid well for his work and owns the best personal Latin American library I have ever seen. It swims with names of people who actually had little to do with Machu Picchu, who said they were at the ruins before Bingham and, apparently, were not.

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